Volume 9, Number 48, 2006

The Doorstep of God
by Peter Beitz

I am lost.

I know not who I am, what I am, nor where I am going. The world is a maze spinning round and round and round in my mind.

I need help.

I am alone in the darkness that devours me. I need a direction, a purpose - something to believe in. In my stumbling, I come across a stairwell rising forever towards the sky. Where it leads I do not know. As I look around, I notice other stairwells of the same make growing upwards towards the same infinite Mystery. Which one should I choose? Is there a right one? Is there a wrong one? There are no reasons to ask such questions: I close my eyes, take a long, slow, deep breath, empty my mind, exhale, and let my heart choose. I let go and listen to my feelings. I begin my journey walking up my stairwell, one step at a time. Each step becomes a lesson, value, and moral for my life that makes me stronger, better, and able to take the next step. After a while, my legs grow tired. The steps seem endless.
I lose hope.

As I look beside me, I see others - just like me - making the same tough and tiresome journey. Together, we help each other climb the next step, then the next, and the next. Together, we grow stronger: we thrive with each other and laugh and cry at the silly things we do and the stories we tell. Together, we continue on: one day at a time, one step at a time. Soon we reach the top - our destination. Silent, we stand in front of a simple yet beautiful door. A sign on the door reads:

Welcome to the Doorstep of God

In silence, I glance to my left and right and notice others, no different than my friends and me, reaching this very same doorstep from their stairwells. These stairs are the same ones I pondered over at the beginning of my journey. I would have never guessed they would all meet at the same end. It seems that there are many stairwells that lead to the Doorstep of God. We find each other, and like brothers and sisters we embrace one another and tell tales of our adventures and struggles. All the while, the simple wooden door stood, silently, watching us. What lay behind? I stand in wonder - a little scared, a little excited. Everyone behind me, I move forward and touch the round handle.

It is warm.

I slowly open the door. A bright, yet soft, white light emanates from the narrow opening I create. Warmth begins to pulsate from beyond. My heart races; my eyes grow wider; my face silent in awe. I open the door completely and let it rest at its natural end, as we stand together, engulfed in a glow of great beauty and radiance. Comfort and infinite joy dance around and through us. Is this God? Are our struggles now being rewarded at this final end? The glow and warmth begins to fade. In silence, we find ourselves staring blankly into a mirror at one another.

I understand

Life is the Language of God

life Touching life is THE MESSAGE