Volume 8, Number 41, 2005

Dr. McCann's Oxfords
By Jan Neilsen

Something I always admired and learned from my mom was the attitude that if there’s something you want or love in this life, be passionate about it.

Not only did mom have passion regarding good things in her own life, she did her best to cultivate this same kind of enthusiasm in all of us, which brings us to Dr. McCann’s oxfords.

Dr. McCann’s oxfords were sold exclusively through the T. Eaton Company and they were just what mom had been looking for when she discovered them in their Fall and Winter catalogue.

“They’re wonderful,” she exclaimed over the phone. “They have air cushioned liners, the arches are designed to support your foot. They’re 100% leather and the heel is just the right height.”

I honestly thought for a moment mom was describing men’s shoes. Not only were they the most comfortable supportive shoes mom had ever worn, I think mom was actually convinced she was going through life at twice her normal speed when she was wearing her Dr. McCann’s. Wanting me to have the benefits of her good fortune she mailed me a pair as a gift in the color black.

“But mom,” I offered in our next phone conversation. “These aren’t the kind of shoes I would usually wear.”

“Nonsense,” came the reply. “You simply won’t believe the comfort you’ll experience. I want you to try them. You’ll be thanking me.”

Dr. McCann’s oxfords were what you’d call sensible. Something along the line of what the ladies in the military during World War II were called upon to wear. Sturdy. Wider at the toes, laced up the front and good for marching in. I was a young working mom at the time and if the heels on my shoes weren’t high enough that I could fall forward on my face at any given moment, they weren’t for me. They may not have been that practical but they sure looked good.

Each time mom phoned it was the same thing. “How are the Dr. McCann’s working out? Was I right?”

“Well you know mom, I really haven’t....”

“Well you’re really missing out on a good thing. You won’t believe....”

Realizing the longer I put off wearing my Dr. McCann’s, the longer I would be hearing about them, I decided to try them out in safe places; like when I was cleaning the basement or working in the garden. I reasoned if anyone stopped by they’d realize these weren’t the kind of shoes I would wear under normal circumstances; but something happened I hadn’t planned on. It turned out mom was right, and although I didn’t quite have the epiphany mom had, I soon realized I was on the cusp of a life changing experience for my feet. Like her, I felt I was accomplishing more in less time; certainly more comfortably. And I was appreciative of her for persevering with me.

“Of course I only wear them with matching black slacks,” I told mom in our next phone visit.

Mom was delighted.

“Was I right? Didn’t I tell you?” A short pause, and then, “You’ll never guess what I came across in the Spring catalogue. It’s just what you need in your kitchen, It comes in two different colors. It has a ....”

Except to say that once again mom was onto something, that’s a whole other story.