Volume 19, Number 110
August/September 2016

Hairy Giants
by Lois Kromhoff

In the forests, on the mountains,
near gigantic cliffs and caves,
live the hairy, scary sasquatch,
out of sight.
They are big and strong and smelly.
They are known to be a fright.
You will never, ever see one,
(but you might).

Baby sasquatch is not sweet.
He’s born with big, long, stinky feet.
Mama Suskwa thinks he’s cute,
inside his fuzzy, birthday suit.
Mama calls her baby Skookum,
a brother for his sister Snukum.
What a lovey-dovey sight!
Mama grins and hugs them tight.

Baby Skookum starts to cry,
so Mama sings a lullaby.
Squawking ravens fly from trees,
scaring bunnies, bears and bees.
Mama sighs, “Oh my! Oh my!
What shall we do with our noisy guy?”
Snukum says, “Let’s give him away!
He cannot walk or talk or play.
He’s just a fussy, little cuss;
not rough and tough, like us.”

Baby Skookum gets the giggles.
He hollers, slobbers, squeals and wiggles,
smacks his sister, pulls her hair.
Snukum screams, “This isn’t fair!”
Mama drags them to their cave,
where they will stay ‘til they behave.
Skookum kicks and crawls and bawls.
Snukum scribbles on the walls.

Here comes Papa, home with plunder;
stuff he stole from homes down under.
“Little monsters! Were you good,
minding Mama, like you should?”
Papa guzzles from a jug.
Snukum runs to get a hug.
Skookum gurgles - he’s so cute,
chewing on a hiker’s boot.

Gifts! a garbage can with wheels,
fishing tackle, rods and reels,
shawls and shovels, pots and pails,
squealing pets with curly tails.
Mama gets a kiss and comb.
“Thank you, Papa! Welcome home!”
The sasquatch rest inside their cave,
where Papa tells how folk behave.
“Let’s find children!” Snukum cries.
All agree with eager eyes.

You’re invited to a parry
(if your parents say alright).
Sasquatch often celebrate
late at night.
Wear a jacket, bring a flashlight;
though the stars and moon are bright.
Hairy giants will not scare you,
(but they might).