Volume 19, Number 109,
June/July 2016

by Josephine Stone

Beyond my yearning reaching sight
You journeyed far beyond the night.
Transported by the winds of flight
Igniting curiosity.

You wondered at the ancient tribes
Who gave your light a thousand eyes.
Discovered schemes of Paradise
Drew insights from eternal ties.

You gazed into immortal eyes
Of mystics, martyrs, truths and lies.
The wisdom of unending years
Rose up beneath your enterprise

Yet melody and myth,
Still linger in the glade.
Home traditions’ patient source
Still begs your state of grace

Eyes astounded, glazed with tears
Of wonders all around you
Vital visions shared with peers
Lifted and enclosed you

And yet at home, would you but see
Are legends from your history

Will and mercy
Rode your soul
Images of heights not known
Frightened less, each miracle
Pulled you on to new terrain.

And yet within the finest sight
You turned toward familiar light
Turned again to past foundations
Cautiously your thoughts re-taken
Heading off in old directions
Reaching out for home

Listen to the music sweet
That calls you back where you began,
That echoes in your willing ear,
That only you can pause to hear.

Hasten home through seas of longing
Now you slumber and may dream
As poignant recollections trigger
Rainbow dreams serenity.

A thousand cosmos you may journey
Leaving gifts for home and hearth
Knowing that your place of anchor
Is right here within my heart.