Volume 13, Number 73, 2010

Placing Our Coffee Order
by Lisa DeViller

Clothes on the floor
Toys on the stairs
Here sits my kitchen table
Where are the chairs?

Dishes in the sink
And on the floor
A closet overflowing
Canít close the door

Dirty clothes here
Dirty clothes there
Didnít see the hamper
Honest Mom, I swear!

I did not do it!
It was my brother!
Canít fool me
Says their wise mother

A collection of rocks
Jars filled with bugs
A floor filled with socks
I need some drugs!

Take out the garbage
I say a third time
I will later!
I hear him chime

Whatís for supper?
There is nothing to eat!
Mom, I need food!
Is there anything sweet?

Where is the cat?
I hear a distant cry
He is in the washer
Shall I hang him to dry?

On and on
It goes all day
Perhaps I can bribe them
To go to the neighbours and stay

They make me laugh,
They make me cry
Without them,
My life would have no joy...
This is what to expect
When you are the mother of boys