Volume 12, Number 66, 2009

by Lois Kromhoff


A teacher once said to a tot
“It is rude to say ain’t, say is not!”
“Okay,” said the kid
tho it ain’t what he did -
cuz mosta the time he forgot.


A teacher from old New Westminster
planned to remain a true spinster.
With cuddles and kisses,
she soon became missus -
a dandy with candy convinceder.


A whiskery witch from Vancouver
will fly across town on a Hoover.
So, who gives a care
if she sweeps through the air?
A blanket of smog will remover.


A dreamer, a schemer named June
will marry a man on the moon.
She’s eager and bold
to have and to hold,
will astronauts tie the knot soon?