Volume 21, Number 124,

A Hundred-and-one and Merriment Too
by Les Johnson

It is written that “a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance” (Proverbs 15:13).

Let me state that there is no other purpose for this writing than to make the heart of its reader merry and put a cheerful smile on his or her face. Whether this comical anecdote is true or otherwise is a matter to which I will simply let the reader be the judge.

I recall how deep in November one year, after the first snow of the season had amassed for a couple of days, I suddenly decided to do something exciting on the spur of the moment.

Why not. I thought, take advantage of this occurrence that is so common to our Canadian winters, and go out and build a snowman to renew some of the joys of my childhood. Thus, I quickly donned my winter wear and headed outdoors.

At about the mid-way point of my pleasant task, I came across a book buried deep in the snow. It was a hard-cover book whose pages were frozen solid, and it was even difficult to make out the title as the whole book had suffered severely from weather worn conditions.

Being curious to know what the book was about, I laid it aside and then completed the construction of my snowman. I named him ‘Nifty November’.

Later I dried out my snow treasure to the point where I was able at least to loosen several of its pages. I gave it two full days to dry out completely.

This being done, its title, I learned, was A Hundred and One Things To Do in the Tropical Paradise of Tahiti.

This brought a cheerful smile to my countenance all right, and I thought, “If I’m ever fortunate enough to make it there for a vacation and do one of those hundred-and-one things such as fishing on a hot summer day, my hook will likely snag a lost book at the bottom of the lake.”

As I continued my little reverie, my merry heart then envisioned drying out this one too and chuckling at the discovery of its title: A Hundred and One Ways to Build an Igloo in the Arctic.